Photos of a leaky Velux skylight
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1/6/09 - Wayne from Velux called to ask if I would like to set up an an appointment for a rep to take a look at the problem. There may be a $120 charge for the visit, at the discretion of the rep. I'll update here again after the appointment...  
1/7/09 - Wayne from Velux called back to ask for my zip code in order to determine who the local rep is. He also wanted to know the slope of the roof - I guessed at somewhere between 30 to 45 degrees. I'll post a picture of the exterior.  
1/7/09 - Michael, the Harrisburg, PA Velux rep called for further information. He asked about the roof slope, and he would like me to check the wood around the skylight leak to make sure it's not rotted. If the wood is ok then the window can be reglazed to seal any leaks. If the wood is rotted then the whole window will probably have to be replaced. He also asked that I check that the gasket (shown in the photos below) was installed properly and is visible from the exterior of the window. I'll post some exterior closeup photos as soon as the weather clears up...  
2/23/09 - The snow has melted off the roof, so I climbed up and took the exterior photos that Michael from Velux asked for. The gasket Michael mentioned is clearly visible along the bottom edge.  
3/30/09 - I received an email that Velux informed Mast Roofing, a local installer, of the situation. Nobody from Mast Roofing called yet.  
5/16/09 - After several emails back and forth with Velux, still attempting to schedule a repair...  
5/26/09 - Michael from Velux was here today for the repairs. The diagnosis was that the windows are installed with a 15 degree pitch, however at the time the windows were manufactured Velux only recommended an 18 degree pitch. A later design change (1996 I think Michael said) allowed the windows to be installed at a 15 degree pitch. The design change consisted of different sealant between the glass and frame, and a longer wood screw to fasten the aluminum frame to the wood (with the glass between the aluminum frame and the wood). Michael removed and replaced the sealant and installed the longer screws on the leaking skylight as well as two other skylights. Total cost for out-of-warranty repair was $120.  
6/1/10 - Well, it's about a year later. I don't think the repair by Velux was 100% successful. I don't see any major dripping anymore, but the wood around the corner of the window seems to be either continuing to rot, or is simply drying up and shrinking. In either case, the skylight window frame is ruined, and I suspect the entire window will need to be replaced along with the adjacent drywall. I have not heard back from Velux since last year.  
Velux skylight installed in a sunroom ceiling. Note the paint and drywall damage on wall near lower left corner of the skylight. The damage seems to be caused by a skylight leak.
Closeup of the paint damage, drywall damage, and a spider.
The lower left corner of the Velux skylight has water-damaged wood. What appears to be a gasket is no longer completely attached to the window.
Closeup of the model number plate on the leaky Velux skylight.
Another view of lower left corner of the Velux skylight showing the water-damaged wood.
The lower right corner of the Velux skylight also has water damage.
A portion of what appears to be a gasket has lifted up along the lower edge of the Velux skylight. It is not clear whether this is what caused the leak and subsequent water damage or is just another result of it.
Exterior view, right side of the leaking skylight.
Exterior closeup, top right corner.
Exterior view, bottom edge of the skylight. The corner closest to the bottom of the photo is the one with the most interior water damage.
Exterior closeup, bottom right corner. The rubber gasket is visible along the bottom edge. This is the corner that has the most interior water damage.
Exterior closeup, bottom left corner. The rubber gasket is visible along the bottom edge.
Exterior view, left side of the skylight.
Exterior view, top edge of the skylight.
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